Timber Bottle Mail #12

The weather was pretty miserable in Timber today. Loading up my game I was met with grey, overcast skies and–   Ugh, I can’t do this today. I can’t act like everything is okay. Fact is, I have been deceived, betrayed and outright attacked by somebody I once considered a close friend: Life really caught […]

Timber Bottle Mail #11

Timber was dark and stormy when I finally got around to playing tonight. I almost felt bad forcing Pines out of his warm bed to brave the rain!   I had two new letters in my mailbox: my weekly evaluation from the Happy Home Academy, and a quick letter from my mom. The Academy’s letter […]

Timber Bottle Mail #10

The weather in Timber was lovely this evening! I managed to catch the very start of tonight’s sunset, while the town was bathed in a warm, golden glow.    Of course, today was the Flea Market, and I was looking forward to bagging a couple of deals. I also received a very cute letter from […]

Timber Bottle Mail #9

The day had already been and gone by the time I got chance to load up Timber tonight. The moon was high in the sky and one of my constellations was beginning to come into view. No new hybrids spawned since yesterday, but I did receive my letter from Boondox! My donation was used to […]

Timber Bottle Mail #8

I loaded up my game this morning to find a letter from Bunnie. It looks like she decided to leave after all, despite sticking around for an extra day yesterday.   We’ll miss you, Bunnie! According to Amy and Choco, my personal Wild World experts, villagers sometimes do stay in boxes for two days if […]

Timber Bottle Mail #7

After dropping so many bells on turnips on Sunday, I decided to load up Timber twice today: once in the morning, and a second time in the evening. The weather this morning seemed pretty nice, although the morning mist stuck around a little longer than usual. Pete had already been by and dropped off a […]

Timber Bottle Mail #6

Thick clouds gathered on Timber’s skyline tonight. A lot of the stars were completely obstructed, but the night sky still felt as warm and inviting as ever. An orange pansy had popped up in one of my gardens – the very first of its kind in Timber. It looks like all my watering is finally […]

Timber Bottle Mail #5

Delivering Pine’s mail this morning must have been a significant weight off Pete’s shoulders! I received a few different letters, including one from my mom; And two from Lyle after stumbling around in the King Tut mask yesterday. Surprisingly, he didn’t bother paying out for the tarantula that mauled me late last night after posting […]

Timber Bottle Mail #4

The weather was pretty nice in Timber today . It seems the rainy season might be coming to a close, which has really increased my workload where my hybrid gardens are concerned!  I received a few letters today; the first from my mom, asking me about some mysterious eyebrow man; and a second from Boondox. […]

Timber Bottle Mail #3

The last two days in Timber have been pretty mundane, although that’s probably for the best since my real life has really been kicked up a gear as of late. I opened my mailbox on Thursday and found a letter from my mom. It looks like she’s getting into the spirit of summer! Next I decided […]