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This is an archived post of mine I originally published on my old blog in 2015. Any posts from that blog are long gone at this point but I really can’t bring myself to delete this one so enjoy!

It’s that time of the year again! Time to dress up, dance off the winter cold and experience the sensation that is Pavé. Want the occasion to be a hit? Then be sure to follow these 5 easy steps to success. ¡Viva Festivale!

You will need:

That really is all there is to it! With just a few easy steps you, too, can have the perfect Festivale. Are you excited? I certainly am not!


Step 1 – Prep work

This is it, your journey is about to begin. First things first, dress for the occasion. Be the occasion.

I’ve never really liked the standard Festivale outfits on sale in The Able Sisters’ so I decided to throw together all of the colourful clothing in my catalog. The result was… Bright, and I think I channeled my inner egg rather than Festivale.

My Festivale outfit

Step 2 – A royal presence (+ shouting)

This is the hardest part – it’ll be smooth sailing from here on out! Prepare for plenty of shouty font, fanfare and casual insults to your appearance and overall personality. Don’t you just love this event already?!

HNI_0058 HNI_0046
HNI_0048 HNI_0050

Step 3 – Do as the stranger tells you

I lied; the last part was actually the easiest.

“He wants feathers? Sounds simple enough; this town’s full of chickens.” WRONG. This entire event is made so much more difficult because catching/trading/winning 3 of the same coloured feathers can take 5 minutes, alone, and Pavé will take it upon himself to hand out duplicate rewards as he pleases. For example, I now have 4 Pavé sofas sitting on my plaza. Great. Well… We might as well get this over with.

1 3  14 22  44 40

Step 4 – Observe how much you look like an egg



Step 5 – Waste a further two hours of your life in search of the Pavé wallpaper

I honestly wish I was kidding.

HNI_0071 HNI_0023  HNI_0048 HNI_0056  HNI_0079 HNI_0094

Step 6 – Cry

I mean, who needs the dumb wallpaper anyway?

Me. I need it.

HNI_0005 HNI_0006

And there you have it! The best case scenario for Festivale!

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