As you probably guessed, this is a page dedicated to my favorite moments in City Folk. Enjoy and try not to injure yourself scrolling!

Got something to hide, Choco? 😆
That’s not a smile… That’s genuine fear.
Aw! How cute!
Animals these days. /)_<
My first letter! ^_^
First loan payment! (Many more to come… *sigh*)
Erm… Lily, He’s right behind you.
Chow hates Pond Smelts as much as I do.
The sky in City Folk is so beautiful!
Uh, yeah. I guess it does.
Elmer having a break-down.
Peggy, stop. I’m not going to buy your common floor.
Another sky picture…
Choco bullying the new kid.
The bus-stop’s sure getting a lot of attention on this page…
On second thoughts, maybe I shouldn’t be holding that.
Ever heard of mouthwash, Moose!?
Am I the only one who senses sarcasm in this dialogue? I mean, who wouldn’t want to lose her?
And breathe. 😯
When Cesar changed Portia’s house plate to say ‘Phylis’. 😆
Groovy, maan.
This placed is packed! For Dr. Shrunk, that is.
Uhm… yes.
This is why I don’t fish.
Amy found my flower storage!
Amy’s ‘step back, I’m a professional’ face.
Double ‘agh’! 🙄
A Wild World player’s excitement to find a monkey villager. 😆
Let me play you the song of my people.

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  1. When did the Polar Lights occur? It looks beautiful. I agree the sky in City Folk is beautiful, 70% of my photos are sky haha. Lol @ Moose being proud of his breath haha

  2. What an awesome collection! 😀
    It was interesting for me to see an example of Kapp’n’s dialogue to a boy character since I’ve only ever had girl characters. I thought he might have some different subject matter when he talks to boy characters, but I guess not. xP Kapp’n needs to find new things to talk about….
    I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your other WiFis, Choco is always so funny! 😆 And it made me grin to see the ones from ours the other day, like working together to soak Chow, with such innocent, pleased smiles on our faces 😛

    1. Thanks! 🙂 Hopefully I can keep adding to it, there’s some awesome dialogue for villagers in City Folk it just takes a while to get to it through all of errand running and arguments about a villagers favorite food. Actually, he tries to teach male character how to ‘woo’ the ladies including rubbing your armpits against the bus seats to smell musky…

      Yeah, I hope I can WiFi with Choco again soon, our time-zones can be a little problematic though… 🙁 I really love that photo! And your facial expression after you caught the fish! 😆

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