Timber Bottle Mail #11

Timber was dark and stormy when I finally got around to playing tonight. I almost felt bad forcing Pines out of his warm bed to brave the rain!

20180709_20-47-27.096 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180709_20-48-16.513 ANIMAL CROSS.png

I had two new letters in my mailbox: my weekly evaluation from the Happy Home Academy, and a quick letter from my mom. The Academy’s letter was pretty positive compared to what I’ve been receiving the past few weeks. Mom’s, on the other hand, not so much…

20180709_20-48-55.821 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180709_20-49-05.134 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Darwin was one of many neighbours splashing around town. He informed me that the rain hadn’t let up all day.

20180709_20-52-26.468 ANIMAL CROSS.png

It’s been so hot and dry in the UK for a good few weeks now, so I’ve been enjoying the showers in Timber, even if I can’t experience them firsthand! Icon_0028_Jacobs-ladder

20180709_20-52-31.471 ANIMAL CROSS.pngI wish you would…

I bumped into Lucy by the river. She remained her usual positive self, despite the gloomy weather.

20180709_20-53-52.646 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180709_20-53-58.781 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Baabara was the third villager I encountered on the way to my hybrid gardens. She had unearthed some old diary. Icon_0011_Shovel

20180709_20-55-41.795 ANIMAL CROSS 20180709_20-55-47.033 ANIMAL CROSS

Given that I never really got stuck into Wild World the same way I did City Folk, I’d never seen this dialogue before – so that was pretty exciting! She asked me to pick a page to read, and I chose somewhere between the middle and the final entry.

20180709_20-56-43.793 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180709_20-56-52.247 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Our chilling discovery left Baabara pale with fright. Would we ever be able to move past the horrors we had read in that diary? I suppose only time will tell…

20180709_20-56-58.284 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180709_20-57-04.637 ANIMAL CROSS.png

In other news, I found my third orange pansy today! I decided to combine it with the other two to make their own miniature breeding garden.

20180709_20-59-55.090 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Despite his miraculous recovery, Rocco was still shut away inside his house.

20180709_21-05-00.892 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180709_21-05-04.794 ANIMAL CROSS.png

OR how about you stay inside, alone and I’ll go talk to the villagers that actually appreciate my time and wouldn’t reward me with a kiddie wall if I was to cure what one can only presume was the Black Death, itself?

20180709_21-05-32.643 ANIMAL CROSS.pngOh, for the love of–

Two new posts on the bulletin board outside the town hall reminded me that the Bug Off and La-Di-Day were fast approaching. This weekend should be fun! Icon_0018_Music-note

20180709_21-08-45.940 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180709_21-09-11.219 ANIMAL CROSS.png

A pretty interesting ‘Talking to Myself’ message and a deeply disturbing Message of the Week had also been posted.

20180709_21-09-24.157 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180709_21-08-51.691 ANIMAL CROSS.pngSeriously… I can’t be the only one filled with inexplicable dread by the pickle fingers message, right?

It was only now that I realised a new house had popped up on the map to replace Bunnie’s!

20180709_21-13-24.227 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Gabi had moved into Timber yesterday without me noticing! She’s a cutie, so I’m happy to have her.

I also decided to drop in on Marina, who was sheltering inside her house. Weird, I’d have though she of all my villagers would appreciate a little water!

20180709_21-17-12.861 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180709_21-17-16.718 ANIMAL CROSS.png

It’s nice to see she isn’t regretting her decision to stay put in town.

My final stop of the night was The Roost for a hot cup of coffee. Phyllis was also there, fuelling up before her shift started, no doubt.

20180709_21-20-57.022 ANIMAL CROSS.png

… And she was as pleasant as can be expected, really. Looks like she also isn’t too thrilled about the rain.

20180709_21-21-02.945 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180709_21-21-07.424 ANIMAL CROSS.png

And with that, I grabbed a cup of my own and called it a day in Timber.

20180709_21-22-14.880 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Until next time, friends! Icon_0027_Lucky-clover

Side note: I failed to shoot down Gulliver’s UFO for the third time tonight. I’m genuinely considering starting a tally.

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