It’s been raining a lot in Timber recently. The stormy season has made nights in town an almost-eerie experience, but the summer showers are definitely a huge help in keeping Timber’s flowers happy! Icon_0003_Watering-can

I played pretty late last night but, to my surprise, quite a few villagers were still going about their business in town.

_0018_Layer-0 _0017_20180626_22-59-36.780-ANIMAL-CROSS

It wasn’t long before Bunnie pinged me. She wanted to show me a “crazy letter” she’d received.

_0016_20180626_23-07-06.458-ANIMAL-CROSS _0015_20180626_23-07-20.684-ANIMAL-CROSS_0014_20180626_23-07-30.811-ANIMAL-CROSS _0013_20180626_23-07-45.653-ANIMAL-CROSS

Clearly the message fell on deaf (bunny) ears…

Derwin (yuck) was out doing some late-night bug hunting. I guess this really is duck weather, after all! He challenged me to catch a moth. Icon_0005_Net


I also visited Mint and Rocco (again, yuck) who were inside sheltering from the rain. Rocco had come down with a cold so, being the absolute saint I am, I gave him some medicine I bought a few days ago.

_0010_20180626_23-21-15.721-ANIMAL-CROSS _0008_20180626_23-02-57.602-ANIMAL-CROSS

It wasn’t until I read the bulletin board that I remembered Marina had invited me to her birthday party.

_0007_20180626_23-19-26.129-ANIMAL-CROSS _0006_20180626_22-51-19.169-ANIMAL-CROSS

I quickly ran home, grabbed the Scale Armour shirt I had lying around – because it’s fishy… Like… an octopus (I totally forgot…) – and headed to Marina’s place. Icon_0029_Party-popper

_0005_20180626_22-52-19.050-ANIMAL-CROSS _0004_20180626_22-52-26.302-ANIMAL-CROSS

What?! I’ve never had a villager pack up on their birthday! It’s kind of sad… Especially after I put so much thought into a gift! I asked her to reconsider but she seemed pretty sure of her decision. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


Honestly the whole Marina situation kind of bummed me out, so I decided to head to The Roost for a coffee before calling it a night. On my way there, I stumbled upon a Japanese oak silk moth! Will this do, Derwin?

_0002_20180626_23-18-22.453-ANIMAL-CROSS _0000_20180626_23-12-51.915-ANIMAL-CROSS

Until next time! Icon_0027_Lucky-clover

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  1. Woaahh those are really good screenshots– I didn’t think wild world could look any better… It was always pixel-y from what I remember!

    I got sad when I saw Marina leave on her birthday…. Who knows, maybe she just wanted to have a little vacation and come back anyway. :’D Jokes aside, I’m glad she stayed! I kind of miss this mechanic where you can convince them on the day itself. Sometimes, it just surprises me that villagers leave on new leaf and you can’t even stop them on that very day. lol

    PS Hey!! Derwin’s pretty cool too!!!
    …As for Rocco, I guess I agree. HAHAHA

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I doubled the internal resolution for the sake of taking pretty screenshots haha. I still play using my cartridge as well, but I use DeSmuME for any blog content.

      It kind of stresses me out that you have to try changing their mind on the day in Wild World! It feels so last minute, like everything could fall through and they’d be gone in a matter of hours – talk about stressful!

      Let’s agree to disagree on that…

      1. I guess so. Comparing to NL, there’s a lot more time to convince them to stay in town than in WW. I guess I was more used to the old days lmao

        After reading your new posts….. I’m not so sure about my opinion anymore..

  2. Ahh these screenshots are *beautiful*! So cool to see examples of what you were talking about the other day, the high quality Wild World screenshots. Definitely makes me want to look into it! I mean my capture card takes pretty good ones, but it’s a direct rip from the 3DS. These look even better, with the textures and models so crisp & clear! Who know Wild World blogging could look so good, haha 🙂

    Anyway, it was really nice to get a peak into this cozy rainy night in Timber, and to meet some of your villagers! I’ve never had a villager pack up on their birthday either, but I think I’ve heard of it happening to someone else — what a bummer! I’ve had Bunnie for what feels like aages in my New Leaf town, so it’s pretty cool to see her pop up in your Wild World one ^_^

    I hope you have a good time blogging on WordPress again and I look forward to more!! x3

    1. I’m so glad you like them, the difference in graphics is pretty shocking! And this is only on 2x internal resolution – you can go up to like 5x if you really want to, but it can definitely start to lag without a pretty powerful computer.

      I honestly didn’t think the game would allow moving to take place on the day of an animals birthday, it was kind of a nasty surprise. But oh well, it’s pretty interesting to learn that moving out takes priority over birthday celebrations!

      Thank you so much! It’s good to be back!

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