Loading up Timber today, I was greeted by a beautiful warm sunset. A pretty stark transition from the gloomy climate of last night!

20180627_17-18-25.978 ANIMAL CROSS 20180627_17-40-57.251 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Pete had been by and dropped two letters in my mailbox; one from Redd, expressing his distaste for Tom Nook in the form of a weekly password; and one from my Mom.

20180627_17-25-08.729 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180627_17-25-22.034 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Next, I went to go check on Marina to see if she’d reconsidered last night’s move. Luckily she had; she was back to her old self and asking the real questions!

20180627_17-16-18.694 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180627_17-17-12.135 ANIMAL CROSS.png

I’m really not the kind of player to prevent my villagers moving – I honestly enjoy the cycle of new faces in town – but I would have felt pretty cruddy if Marina decided to pack up on her birthday.

Leaving Marina’s house I bumped into a couple more villagers enjoying what little was left of today’s sun. First, there was Roald, who was also asking the real questions.

20180627_17-20-08.090 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180627_17-20-23.119 ANIMAL CROSS.png

And then Mint, who’s really been into her gardening lately. Her house has quickly become bordered with flowers and she and her watering can seem pretty much inseparable nowadays… Even if she does seem kind of pessimistic about the whole thing.

20180627_17-24-22.601 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180627_17-24-28.505 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Bunnie, on the other hand, decided to call it an early night, which appeared to trigger some sort of an aggressive mid-life crisis. I was sure to leave before her issues became far too relatable to this twenty-year-old man-baby playing a game primarily designed for kids.

20180627_17-21-51.361 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180627_17-21-59.678 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Remembering Redd’s letter, I decided to head to the town hall plaza to test my luck with whatever artwork the sly fox had to offer.

20180627_17-26-04.373 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180627_17-26-25.130 ANIMAL CROSS.png

I shelled out some cash and took my chances with the worthy painting he had in stock, but I decided to first check in on Rocco before heading to the museum. Turns out Rocco’s illness was still trying to kill him off, so I put a stop to that before getting my painting evaluated by Blathers.

20180627_17-28-58.273 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180627_17-31-50.231 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Turns out the worthy painting (aka. Liberty Leading the People) was legit, and it made a welcome little addition to my gallery!

20180627_17-36-05.893 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180627_17-40-34.288 ANIMAL CROSS.png

And with that, I decided to call it a day in Timber.

Until next time! Icon_0027_Lucky-clover

Side note: I think I may have been a little… excessive… with my gardening supplies. I guess some landscaping is in order!

20180627_17-47-59.812 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180627_17-48-38.366 ANIMAL CROSS.png

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  1. Wow! I miss those pretty sunsets in wild world accompanied with the 6 PM music. It’s so nostalgic to think about.. I guess it could be a little annoying with the mosquitoes around since it’s summer. haha

    Omg I actually have a worthy painting in my new leaf house which is also given to me by one of my old villagers (that i forgot).. what a coincidence.

    Go plant those trees already!! I forgot how cute and tiny the cabinet is in WW..

    1. Luckily we don’t get any mosquitoes here in the UK, so I can just about deal with them in video games! Also have you ever noticed the “toes” in mosquitoes… gross.

      Cool! This is the first time I’m really putting a lot of effort into completing my gallery. I’m expecting plenty of fakes over the next few weeks.

      I don’t know where yet! But you’re right, my dresser is completely full right now… with saplings and axes. At least the amount of storage in Wild World is a huge step up from GameCube haha!

      1. Omg. Mosqui-toes… that’s kinda cute. They don’t even have toes, just weird stick legs… It’s great you guys don’t have mosquitoes around! I’ve been swatting mosquitoes left and right since summer started!

        Yeah, museums get harder to complete the more you donate. I’m sure you can finish it soon! Just praying Redd comes often hahaha

  2. That sunset is so beautiful! It looks really interesting when the sky is that cloudy during a sunset, and bathes the town in a warm yet misty light.
    The villager hobbies are a fun aspect of this game, it can be fun to help them out with those even more than the usual random errands ^_^
    Ooh you look well stocked up for a landscaping spree, that will be fun to watch develop! 🙂
    This is an interesting article from around New Leaf’s release talking about the surprising popularity of it among twenty-somethings. So we aren’t alone and have been noticed, haha!

    1. I adore the mist effect in Wild World! I’m not sure if it’s an artistic touch or whether it’s a clever way to deal with the limited DS hardware specs but it’s beautiful either way.

      I really do love the way villagers collect flowers for their gardens – it’s such a cute detail that really brings the game to life, you know?

      Thanks for the article, it was a really interesting read! Definitely kind of sad that /nearly/ half New Leaf’s development team being women was treated as such a shocking fact. I mean, I understand that video game design is still male dominated, but it’s sad nonetheless. 🙁

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