The last two days in Timber have been pretty mundane, although that’s probably for the best since my real life has really been kicked up a gear as of late. I opened my mailbox on Thursday and found a letter from my mom. It looks like she’s getting into the spirit of summer!


Next I decided to head over to Nook’s to try offloading the turnips I bought last Sunday.


A pleasant surprise! My turnip prices had been in the red all week up until this point, so I was pretty tempted by this offer. That said, I had a strong feeling I was experiencing a spike so I decided to keep hold of them until noon – it was only ten minutes away, after all! Yikes!

I decided to check my hybrid gardens while I waited for Mr Nook to seal my fate.


A pink rose! My second of all time!

It wasn’t until I went back and played the earlier Animal Crossing instalments again that I began to appreciate just how kind the developers had been with hybrid mechanics in New Leaf. In the 3DS instalment, I can use ordinances and fertiliser to sway luck in my favour, whereas in Wild World I’ve played every day without fail for weeks now and only have three hybrids to show for it.

While tending my gardens I noticed a message in a bottle had washed onto the beach overnight.

_0014_20180628_11-51-59.375-ANIMAL-CROSS 20180628_11-49-40.782 ANIMAL CROSS

Taxes?! Keep those out of my virtual happy place!

At this point it was just past 12, so I began the walk back to Nookway. On my way there I overheard a conversation between Derwin and Lucy. It wasn’t long before things became heated…

_0013_20180628_11-57-26.011-ANIMAL-CROSS _0012_20180628_11-57-37.392-ANIMAL-CROSS_0011_20180628_11-57-53.832-ANIMAL-CROSS _0010_20180628_11-58-00.342-ANIMAL-CROSS_0009_20180628_11-58-05.293-ANIMAL-CROSS _0008_20180628_11-58-28.485-ANIMAL-CROSS

I finally arrived at Nooks and… (!!!)

_0007_20180628_12-02-04.690-ANIMAL-CROSS _0006_20180628_12-04-56.138-ANIMAL-CROSS

Turns out I was right to take my chances! Icon_0029_Party-popper

I decided to head to the town hall with my new, shiny bells. I managed to catch a few bugs on the way there, too!

_0005_20180628_11-54-48.139-ANIMAL-CROSS _0004_20180628_11-55-42.099-ANIMAL-CROSS

I now had enough bells to reach the next reward for Boondox donations. Not a feather this time, but I should receive a letter in a day or two.

_0003_20180628_12-09-00.286-ANIMAL-CROSS _0002_20180628_12-09-05.625-ANIMAL-CROSS

Just outside the town hall, I happened upon another one of Derwin’s conversations.

_0001_20180628_12-17-17.182-ANIMAL-CROSS _0000_20180628_12-17-23.072-ANIMAL-CROSS

Pelly, I’m begging, please evict this creep already!

Until next time! Icon_0027_Lucky-clover

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  1. Getting hybrids is so hard in WW. I would cry in happiness if I actually end up getting just one! Pretty amazed at towns who managed to grow lots of hybrids.. All the hybrids I got could only fit that one tiny island I had in my old town way back and that’s around like the size of one acre or something…

    *spits coffee*
    533 BELLS PER TURNIP.. Congrats on the profit!!!!! 😀

    and gdi derwin put your shirt back on

    1. Right?! It was pretty challenging in City Folk too but I think Wild World is a whole new level of frustrating! I’m definitely going to have to incorporate (boring, ugly) basic flowers into my landscaping though since there’s no way to trade anymore. Ah well, I’ll make it work. Also, a whole acre full of hybrids is so impressive, what are you talking about?! I have like 6 right now haha!

      I’m glad I’m slowly tarnishing Derwin for you…

      1. Hahaha! My town’s filled with basic flowers then! The roses are the only ones making my town look nicer then– I think I only even got the blue rose thanks to trading… Good luck getting all the hybrids!

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