Delivering Pine’s mail this morning must have been a significant weight off Pete’s shoulders! I received a few different letters, including one from my mom;

20180701_10-40-05.367 ANIMAL CROSS

And two from Lyle after stumbling around in the King Tut mask yesterday. Surprisingly, he didn’t bother paying out for the tarantula that mauled me late last night after posting my last entry… Beggars can’t be choosers, I guess.

20180701_10-40-18.214 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180701_10-40-37.568 ANIMAL CROSS.png

I ran into Joan on my way to tend my hybrid gardens by the town hall.

20180701_10-47-27.038 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180701_10-50-43.082 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Her asking price was kinda steep this week, but I decided to take a gamble. I really hope I can pull this off; I think it’s about time I expanded my house again!

20180701_10-57-37.572 ANIMAL CROSS.png

A pink tulip! The very first of its kind in Timber. Icon_0018_Music-note

The weather bulletin posted at the town hall said the rainy season won’t be over for another two weeks, but I haven’t seen any signs of bad weather in Timber for the past few days. Honestly, I’d welcome a bit of rain – these flowers are a nightmare!

20180701_10-46-45.352 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Timber was truly alive with the screams chirps of cicadas marking the start of July. I was sure to net a few to donate, along with a handful of other creepy crawlies – including one particularly creepy crawly… bleugh!

20180701_10-43-42.841 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180701_11-21-39.278 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180701_11-11-50.933 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180701_10-44-04.900 ANIMAL CROSS.png

I soon noticed Mint’s old plot had been filled on Timber’s map, so I headed to the coast to welcome my new neighbour.

20180701_11-09-05.752 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180701_11-09-29.680 ANIMAL CROSS.png

It was Baabara, the snooty sheep, and I’m pretty darn happy about it! Baabara was a resident in my original City Folk town for yeeeaaars, so it’s nice to see her again!

Meanwhile, Rocco’s cold had returned for round three… I think it’s about time we call an ambulance. Icon_0004_Medicine

20180701_11-17-08.658 ANIMAL CROSS.png

I also met Bunnie out-and-about, who was psyching herself up for, uh, something… I truly have no idea what, but I suppose unwarranted positivity is a better option than the pit of despair she’s usually in.

20180701_11-20-59.094 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180701_11-21-03.959 ANIMAL CROSS.png

I mean… Unless she was referring to the inevitable

Aaanyway, my last stop of the day was the museum. Blathers was – understandably – as disgusted with my catch-of-the-day as I was.

20180701_11-30-59.400 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180701_11-31-05.250 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Finally, I dropped into the Roost for my daily cup o’ Joe. Brewster offered me pigeon milk for the first time today, so I’m pretty sure he and I have officially reached third base…

20180701_11-35-44.226 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180701_11-36-23.693 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Hope you have a great week!

Until next time! Icon_0027_Lucky-clover

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  1. Yayyy you DID get a better villager omgg. Hope Baabara stays for a long time in Timber!

    Ah, the joys of summer. So much bugs to catch 😀 Your posts make me want to play AC again. I should catch some bugs in NL and complete my museum but my 3DS isn’t with me right now *crying* I’ll just satisfy myself by reading your wild world adventures 😀

    1. I hope so too – she’s a sweetie!

      Aw, it makes me so happy to know my posts could do that! Do you still own your cartridge? I seem to remember something happening to it years ago, right? Didn’t you lose it? I’m so glad you’re enjoying my dumb posts though!

      1. My WW cartridge? Yep, it’s lost along with my old DS… I hate how I always have my AC plugged inside my DS all the time. Whenever I lose it, I lose my DS /AND/ my cartridge. Ah well, my current 3ds is doing way better now at not being lost unlike my old consoles lol;;

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