Thick clouds gathered on Timber’s skyline tonight. A lot of the stars were completely obstructed, but the night sky still felt as warm and inviting as ever.

20180702_19-42-27.943 ANIMAL CROSS.png

An orange pansy had popped up in one of my gardens – the very first of its kind in Timber. It looks like all my watering is finally starting to pay off! Icon_0018_Music-note

20180702_19-44-27.905 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Two new messages had been pinned to the bulletin board outside town hall today: a charming message of the week, and a notice for the flea market which I can only presume was written by Waluigi himself (Wah ha ha!).

20180702_19-46-20.108 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180702_19-45-59.549 ANIMAL CROSS.png

As expected on a Monday, Nook’s turnip prices were pretty low. I did manage to get my mits on a tall lantern, though! I’m still pretty unsure what direction I want to go with my interior design – all I know is I like plants and old things, so I’m filling my storage with those for now.

20180702_19-47-28.497 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180702_19-47-41.066 ANIMAL CROSS.png

I also picked up a cute frog shirt from the Able Sisters! Icon_0008_Frog

20180702_19-50-02.937 ANIMAL CROSS.png

I bumped into Rodeo as I left the store. Surprisingly, his dialogue was pretty adorable! Maybe there’s a little more to him than a bull with a serious case of pinkeye…

20180702_19-53-43.300 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180702_19-53-47.585 ANIMAL CROSS.png

By now I’d already finished my daily chores in Timber, so I decided to kick back and catch up with my villagers. First on the list was Bunnie, and–

20180702_19-54-52.443 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Whaaaat?! Icon_0007_Pitfall

Bunnie is moving! I really didn’t see this one coming; she’s the one villager I seem to talk to daily. I tried to persuade her otherwise but she seemed pretty sure of her decision.

20180702_19-55-25.100 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180702_19-55-32.390 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Good luck in your new town, Bunnie!

Next up was Derwin (ew), who was catching bugs at the back of my house.

20180702_19-58-54.456 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180702_19-59-02.809 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Ugh, I already see where this is going. Give me two minutes, Derwin…

20180702_19-59-51.986 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180702_20-01-11.074 ANIMAL CROSS.png

With that out the way, and my fresh… Concrete wall as a ‘reward’, I decided to check in on Baabara, who just moved into Timber yesterday. Her house has always been one of my favourites so I was excited to see it all unpacked!

20180702_20-15-07.493 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180702_20-15-12.461 ANIMAL CROSS.png

She wanted me to deliver a gift to Lucy for her, all wrapped in a cute red bow! Icon_0000_Gift I obliged and was walking towards Lucy’s house WHEN

20180702_20-16-51.895 ANIMAL CROSS.png

This disgusting beast came scrambling towards me! My first ever successful scorpion catch! Sorry Baabara, Lucy can wait; I need Blather’s take on this!

20180702_20-18-12.002 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180702_20-18-18.621 ANIMAL CROSS.png

An oddly mundane reaction compared to the cockroach I donated in my last entry

Anyway! Back to the task at hand!

20180702_20-21-05.027 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180702_20-21-12.148 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Lucy definitely wasn’t blown away by Baabara’s gift but it’s the thought that counts, right? I decided to be honest with Baabara about her reaction.

20180702_20-22-16.910 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180702_20-22-21.893 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Thank goodness it wasn’t one of those offensive fern shirts, that would have been a total disaster! Baabara gifted me her Persian wall as a ‘thank you’. It’s not exactly my style but it sure is better than a fern shirt that calls you names behind your back…

Oh, a quick update on Rocco: he’s still on death’s door. Seriously dude, this is getting old now!

20180702_20-04-21.153 ANIMAL CROSS.png

I finished my evening off with some light fishing before calling it a day.

20180702_20-24-09.397 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180702_20-26-26.567 ANIMAL CROSS.png

I hope your week’s off to a good start!

Until next time! Icon_0027_Lucky-clover

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  1. First Mint…. now Bunnie too? D: Aw, that’s really sad. I remember when Ruby left in my town. It was so unexpected even though I’ve also been close friends with her! Sigh.. Hopefully you’ll get another good villager again. I just realized there’s not much to worry about them moving in and out because the house placements are permanent in WW… No more resetting madness like in new leaf haha.

    Poor Rocco, though. When will he ever get better…….

    1. I know, all my cute villagers are packing up and leaving. 🙁 I’m sorry to hear about Ruby, it feels like such a betrayal of trust sometimes haha!

      You’re right though, it’s so nice not having to worry about plot resetting every time someone in town decides to leave. I think that’s one of the main reasons I find New Leaf can be so overwhelming… There’s just too many factors to consider!

      I honestly don’t know what to do about Rocco… I’ve given him like 6 bags of medicine at this point!

      1. I know– I’m scared loading up my town just to find out someone moved in the middle of my paths… Did I tell you I also lost Gaston in Delltune? I wanted to cycle and get him again but it’s so tiring plot resetting since my town’s filled with paths and flowers. >.<

        Poor Rocco… maybe he's allergic to those medicines lmao

        1. I dont know if you know this, but the Welcome Amiibo update actually helps a lot with the path issue. Villagers no longer plot houses on top of patterns (unless there’s no other choice, of course)! Sadly they will still crush flowers and trees. 🙁

          I do remember you telling me about Gaston! Maybe you could adopt him from somewhere? Or does it not work like that if he was recently in your town?

          1. I’ve always wanted to adopt!! I don’t think I’ve cycled 16 villagers yet haha! I like my current villager placements atm… I feel so lazy kicking them out and plot resetting again. While I was away, there’s a villager (whose name I forgot) that put their house near my supposed to be isolated forest… sigh.. I think I updated my dream address recently before I gave my 3ds temporarily to my friend. If you visit it, it’s obvious who that villager who destroyed my trees is… they’re literally the only villager around that area, it’s kinda lonely. I learned to like the house placement though.

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