Timber Bottle Mail #9

The day had already been and gone by the time I got chance to load up Timber tonight. The moon was high in the sky and one of my constellations was beginning to come into view.

20180705_22-35-10.768 ANIMAL CROSS.png

No new hybrids spawned since yesterday, but I did receive my letter from Boondox! My donation was used to complete a new irrigation system in town.

20180705_22-35-26.227 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Of course, Rocco was still sick so I ran over to Nooks to pick up some more medicine before closing time. Honestly, Rocco, you owe me big time for all this. 

20180705_22-47-03.039 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180705_22-47-12.793 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Finally, some new dialogue! Could it be that Rocco is recovering at last? I sure hope so! That way I can finally work on getting him out of town. Icon_0029_Party-popper

Shrunk visited Timber tonight, and I found him wandering just south of Rocco’s place.

20180705_22-47-54.800 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180705_22-48-11.372 ANIMAL CROSS.png

He asked me how my “emotional exploration” was going. I informed him that things were going pretty good! Icon_0018_Music-note

20180705_22-48-19.758 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180705_22-48-26.379 ANIMAL CROSS.png

… Which is apparently the wrong answer unless you’re in the market for an uncomfortable heart-to-heart, rather than new emotions. Noted.

Round two!

20180705_22-48-42.871 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180705_22-48-57.029 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Shrunk decided I should watch him to learn all about a fun, new emotion he called “distress”. He told me a story about his early days practicing stand-up. It began with an impromptu comedy show in some restaurant he found himself in.

20180705_22-49-52.590 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180705_22-49-57.127 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180705_22-50-01.844 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180705_22-50-07.847 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Oh, how they all laughed!

Poor guy, at least he can use him misfortune as an educational tool for this numb, emotionless shell of a boy!

20180705_22-50-42.883 ANIMAL CROSS.png


Baabara was taking a stroll along the beach. It seems she had lost track of time and had to cancel a cute bonding activity she had planned for us. Icon_0023_Shell-2

20180705_22-52-26.551 ANIMAL CROSS.png

She asked me to deliver a letter to Marina, so I headed back inland to go find her.

I found Marina wandering by the town gate, but she managed to ping me before I could hand over Baabara’s letter. She wanted me to try a quiz she had created.

20180705_22-54-15.691 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180705_22-54-20.357 ANIMAL CROSS.png

This pop quiz consisted of one question: what kind of ice cream would she like right now? The options were “tiny” or “normal size”, and of course I chose the second option – what kind of freak would choose a tiny ice cream over your average, tried-and-tested cone size?

20180705_22-54-49.578 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180705_22-55-00.180 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Baabara’s letter left Marina “so very happy”. So happy, in fact, she wanted to share it with me before sending me on my way to “give a big hug to Baabara” for her.

20180705_22-55-51.203 ANIMAL CROSS.png 20180705_22-56-01.526 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Though, I can’t shake the feeling that Marina can’t actually read…

Rodeo had pinged me during Marina’s pop quiz, so I decided to see what was up with him since I really don’t talk to him as often as most of my other neighbours.

20180705_22-56-29.725 ANIMAL CROSS.png

Aaaaand that’s enough Rodeo for this week…

Until next time! Icon_0027_Lucky-clover

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